Roschier-Technik is a technology development and materials research company that is focused on filter and catalyst media production as well as engineering process development and optimization. Find out more...

PORETEX Filter-Separator

Roschier-Technik is servicing the fuel industry by offering a unique porous polymer based patent pending filter-separator that is engineered to provide an energy saving solution for fuel and oil dewatering without compromising in quality and effectiveness.Read more

Efficient Engineering

Roschier-Technik provides engineering solutions for the chemical industry that are focused on production process development and optimization, technology and compliance consultation and green solutions to meet current environmental regulations.Read more

New Technologies

Find out more about new technologies in development. Roschier-Technik is focused on the research and development of next generation materials for separation and filtering media, that include polymer based filter-separators, catalyst carriers and ion exchange media solutions.Read more